Social Anxiety Coaching

When the thought of dealing with people is holding you back from school, work, interviews, friends, all the things you want to do in life… doesn't have to be that way.

Are you Autistic
or Aspie?

Do you struggle to make the kinds of meaningful connections with people that seem to come so easily to others?

Have you gotten lots of advice about talking to people, making friends, being confident?

I’ll bet most of it doesn’t help. Or even makes you feel worse.

Yeah, I’ve been there, I’m autistic, too. And I’ve learned ways to be comfortable around other people and with myself.


Are you an autism parent?

Are you watching your autistic teen or young adult isolating, hiding, floundering, or trying really hard but getting nowhere except anxious and depressed?

You’ve encouraged them, supported them, taught them what worked for you, read all the books, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Not enough, anyway.

Want to know why all that sound advice doesn’t work for a lot of autistics?
Or even makes things worse?

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