What to Expect in the Later Identified Autism Journey

A free workshop.

What to Expect in the Later Identified Autism Journey​

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

12 PM PT  –  3 PM ET  –  8 PM BST

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The recording and transcript will be emailed to everyone who registers.

Are you figuring out as an adult that you’re Autistic, not broken, weird (in a bad way), or wrong after all?

Are you working on figuring out what that means for your future, and reframing your past with this new info?

Are you feeling lost and found, happy and angry, confused and clear, questioning and hopeful?

And wondering a lot what to do next, what comes next in the process, and how to make this new understanding of yourself benefit you and hopefully make things better?

That’s what we’re going to be talking about in this workshop.

Based on my own experience and having accompanied dozens of others through the process, here’s an overview of what to expect and some practical tips for each phase of the unfolding Journey.

This workshop is geared toward people who have figured out (or suspect) they are Autistic or AuDHD in their adult years, and is inclusive. The presenter is likewise AuDHD.

Is this free because it's a cleverly disguised sales pitch?

Nope. I hate that.

What I’ll be sharing with you here is a BS-free perspective from my own lived experience and strategies that I share with my clients, but I’m not going to be pitching my services. I’ll be sharing strategies that you can use on your own with just what is presented here.

You can see that in action in my previous free workshops.

Full disclosure, you will receive my newsletter after registering (about twice a month), on building an autism-friendly life. If you don’t want that, you can unsubscribe anytime.

I will also be making the slides and bonus material available for a small fee after the workshop. (The recording and transcript will remain free.)

Who this is for

  • Autistic, AuDHD, and other neurodivergent individuals.
  • Anyone who is processing their own later (after childhood) autism identification or diagnosis (or are wondering). Self-dx is valid!

About accessibility

This is an inclusive, trauma-sensitive,* and BS-free zone. ALL are welcome.

The workshop will be conducted via Zoom Meeting. You are welcome to participate with camera off or on, to listen quietly or communicate via chat or voice, to fidget, move, stimm, tic, or look away throughout. 

Live automatic captions will be on. You may turn the chat/self-view off or on as you like.

For executive function help, reminders will be emailed at T -1day, -3hrs, -1hr, and an optional SMS at -15min (if phone number is entered on signup).

You may submit questions in advance to be answered during the workshop, in case you cannot attend live, and to guide the presenter in making the content.

You’re welcome to request other accommodations as needed.

*The presenter is trauma informed and trauma sensitive, but you are the best judge of what you can handle at the moment. Please take care of yourself.

Can't make the time?

No worries. The recording and full transcript will be emailed to everyone who registers.

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