Beyond Autistic Burnout

A practical system for sustainable recovery, without quitting everything

Get out of autistic burnout,
and stay out.

How to recover from autistic burnout and break the cycle so you never have to go through it again.

Coming Summer 2024
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This will be an online, self-paced course that’s guided, yet highly customizable, to get out of your current bout of Autistic burnout, and stay out, breaking the cycle forever, so you never have to go through it again.

Update: this video was made a while ago and I am very much in the process of making this!

Do You Want Me to Make a Course on Autistic Burnout Recovery?

Hi, this is Heather from Autism Chrysalis.

I’ve hinted on social media recently that I’m working on something big.

But before I pour a ton more effort into this project, I’d like to know, do you want an online, customizable course from me on how to recover from Autistic burnout?

There’s a link in the description below to a quick four question survey to gauge if there’s enough interest to make this viable project.

That’s the whole point of this video. But if you’d like a little more background, here it is.

I’ve been gathering notes/thoughts/material on the many interconnected aspects of burnout recovery for years, from my own, far too extensive experience, as well as helping many others through it, and what I’ve put out into the world so far is only a tiny portion of what I have and could produce.

It is important to me to get this info out there to help my fellow Autistics. I also need to do it in a way that builds my own sustainable, ND-positive life while supporting my family.

The prevailing wisdom is to write a book, but I’m having a hard time scrunching it all down into something that constraining and linear.

What I’m building in my head is bigger and more fluid, choose-your-own-adventure style, with the ability to adapt and grow built-in.

It’s not limited to info, support, and resources to get out of this burnout, but to breaking the cycle so you never go through it again.

That’s a harder project than reading a self-help book and making a few tweaks in your life, but what got you into this mess was no piece of cake, and you’re still here and fighting. You can do hard things.

And what I’m planning would support and guide you through this journey.

So, are you interested?

I’ve already found an online platform I like for this, set up some of the backend systems and software needed, and have tons of notes and snippets ready to be expanded upon, organized, and integrated. This will take a lot of work and time, and will grow with user feedback (which I want to incorporate into every stage, right from this first one).

But before I pour a year or more of my life into making this, I’d like to know if it’s wanted! 😉 Either way, please let me know via the survey that’s linked in the description below.

By the way, you won’t have to wait a year or more to get some of the goodness. I’m planning a beta release much sooner, if there is enough interest to go ahead with the project.

I appreciate your input!

Have a neurowonderful day,


An overview

What I’m proposing is an online, self-paced course that’s guided with premade articles, prompts, and worksheets that are available in multiple formats, including writing, video, and audio recordings.
It would offer both practical guidance on getting through current day-to-day stuff, and also on figuring out your personal version of what led to the burnout, what’s continuing to keep you there, and what needs to change in your life to really get out and stay out, breaking the cycle forever.
This would be a deep dive into all five areas of Autistic burnout recovery that I described in my workshop on that topic: (
The order would be highly customizable (fluid, non-linear, choose-your-own-adventure style, with the ability to adapt and grow built-in) so you could easily access whatever topics suit your needs or appeal to you at the moment, and at your pace. 
There would be occasional, optional interactive elements, both live and asynchronous.

When is this happening?

Later this summer!

I’m working hard on systematizing what I do with my individual coaching clients, and putting that together in a course format.

My plan is to make it available for the first time later this summer, 2024.

Want to weigh in?

If you’d like to give me some feedback on what specific things you’re struggling with, and what has and hasn’t worked for you so far to help, and what you’re needing, so I can make this course as actionable and useful as possible, I’d love your input!

Here’s a link to my research survey (it can be entirely anonymous):

Much more info coming throughout this summer!

Sign up (above) if you want to stay in the loop.

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