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For speaking and interview requests.

Speaking and Interviews

I am actively seeking opportunities to spread the message that autism and Autistics can, and will, be an integrated, accepted, and equally valued way to be human in our modern, diverse society, and to champion the changes necessary to make that a reality.

Media Kit

You can use the form below to contact me if you want to:

• Interview me for a podcast, magazine article, etc.

• Engage my services as a paid speaker or workshop leader.

• Invite me to speak at a conference or summit.

• Invite me to contribute to a book, journal, or other publication.

If I am interested in what you are proposing, I will usually reply within three to four days.

If you don’t get a reply by then, please check your spam folder, or else I may not able or interested. I try to reply anyway, but cannot always manage that, sorry.

However, if you’re trying to sell me something, get me to link to something, or have anything to do with the medical treatment of autism, don’t expect any reply from me at all.

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