Heather's Boundaries

Otherwise known as Terms and Conditions.

Or in plain language, this is what to expect from me.

Last updated 20 March, 2024


You can reschedule appointments yourself via a link on your receipt email. I offer a very generous two hour cancellation window, on the good faith that it will not be abused, and is intended to acknowledge that once in a while we just can’t make an intended appointment. However, if you reschedule in less than 24 hours more than once in a great while, we’ll discuss if we are a good fit, or if this is the right time for us to be working together.

Here’s what to look for on your appointment email:

Click "Change/Cancel Appointment."



I do not give refunds for cancellations, so please be sure that you want this before scheduling. You are welcome to reschedule (more than two hours before the appointment start time), transfer unwanted sessions to someone else, or donate them to my pool for scholarship clients.


No shows

If you do not reschedule or contact me to cancel within two hours before the appointment starts, the session is forfeit.


Arriving late

I will log into Zoom or call you by phone, if we have arranged to meet that way, at our scheduled time, and will wait for you for 20 minutes. If you do not login or email me to let me know that you will be arriving later, I will assume that you are not coming and the appointment is forfeit as described above. When you arrive, you will get the time remaining in the originally scheduled session.


Going over time

I don’t like cutting us off right in the middle of an important breakthrough, so I don’t mind going five to 10 minutes over our scheduled time *if* we are in something juicy, but not just to chit chat. More time than that impacts my other clients and other plans. If you prefer 90 min sessions, ask me about booking those (not sold on my public website; I will give you a special link).


Package expiration

Sessions sold as part of a package or subscription are available to you for one year from the date of purchase. If you do not use the sessions within one year, they are forfeit unless you contact me to make arrangements to extend the time, and I will decide whether I will agree to that on a case by case basis.


Contacting me outside of sessions

You are welcome to email me practical questions or short updates outside of sessions, but these are not intended to turn into extra coaching.

Anything that is a coaching type of question, or that deserves more than a short reply, needs to be saved for a paid coaching session.

Examples of reasonable topics are:

  • questions about practicalities of scheduling and rescheduling,
  • a quick update to let me know of something that happened to you and how it will affect our sessions going forward,
  • sharing something positive that happened (I love celebrating the good things),
  • briefly sharing a personal revelation that is the result of something that we talked about (I love to see the positive effects of our work),
  • a quick thought or reflection after a session.

You are welcome to email me anytime, and I will reply during standard US business hours except Thursdays (I take Thursdays and weekends off). If I do happen to reply on a day or evening that I am usually off, that is an exception, please do not expect that to become regular.

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