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How to Recover from Autistic Burnout

What it's about:

Here’s an overview of how to get out of Autistic burnout permanently, so you can get your life back — an autism-friendly life you are excited to live.

The 5 Most Overlooked (and Common) Autistic Stressors

What it's about:

Lots of things can be more stressful for autistic individuals (from kids to adults), than for neurotypicals. Here are five things that are so common we don’t notice they can stress us out and make life harder, and a few practical tips to work with each.

Autistic Energy Management

What it's about:

How do you make positive changes in your life when you have no energy left? In this workshop recording, I share my philosophy of the situation and lots of practical tips.

Alternative, Sustainable Income Sources for Autistics and AuDHDers

What it's about:

How to generate ideas for work that you actually like, tips for making it work with your AuDHD brain, and be sustainable. Plus practical tips especially for self-employment.

Unmasking Strategies for Safety

What it's about:

If you want to unmask, how do you do that safely? And how can you tell when it’s safe to unmask, and to what extent? Here are some principles to tweak things in your favor.

How to Start Investigating Your Sensory Differences

What it's about:

Do you want to get better at figuring out your sensory differences, to understand your own body better? Here’s a few ideas on how to get started.

Anxiety Reduction for Neurodivergent Humans

What it's about:

Here’s one of the most helpful reframes I’ve ever come across when dealing with my own anxiety, or helping my clients through theirs.

What to Expect in the Later Identified Autism Journey

What it's about:

The 5 stages people predictably go through after figuring out as an adult that you’re autistic.

How to Use Body Signals to Make Better Decisions Workshop

What it's about:

If decision making is hard for you, here’s a technique to use body sensations as another source of information for decision making.

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