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Autistic Burnout

Executive Functioning

Image of a PDF text document showing a checklist in two columns.

Warning Signs of Autistic Burnout​

A checklist of common warning signs that autistic burnout is coming soon, or that you’re in it.

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Lines of hexagons.

Hexagon Progress Chart

Like star charts, or habit trackers, but without all of the blank dates to haunt you when you didn’t do something, just an ever-filling chart of what you did do.

Color in a hexagon each time you make progress toward your personal goals. Includes a full page and a half page chart.

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Stress and Restoration

5 of the Most Overlooked
(and Common) Stressors

If you, or your kid, are frequently exhausted, having trouble functioning, melting down or shutting down, have low energy, or are feeling tired or sick, get headaches, or avoid daily tasks, and you haven’t been able to explain why, check out these common (and commonly overlooked) sources of stress in everyday modern life.

5 Domains of Stress

When so much of life is governed by sensory overwhelm, it’s tempting to look only for biological stressors.

But stressors cause and build on each other, so it’s important to look for these other ones as well.

Here’s five areas, or domains, in which we all experience stress, and several examples to help you generate ideas.

Page titled The Five Steps of Self-Reg. Listing paragraphs under it with steps.

The 5 Steps of Self-Reg:
A Quick Sheet

A quick reminder of the The 5 Steps of Self-Reg, with a view to autistic kids and adults.

Post it on the fridge, by your desk, or wherever you could use a gentle reminder.

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Regulating Activity Ideas

The easiest time to do something that helps you or your kid regulate, is before you become dysregulated.

Here are more than 50 ideas (57, but who’s counting?) of activities for autistics, and parents, to feel good and regulated so you have the energy to cope when things happen that are more challenging to deal with.

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