Autistic Strengths

Autism isn't just challenges. There are some wonderful strengths and attributes as well.


We’ve talked a lot about the challenges of autism. And I know, it’s super easy to focus on those. 

I get that. I really do.


Aaand it’s not all difficult. There are also wonderful things about an autistic mind.

  • Maybe your kid has a great sense of humor.
  • Or his love of order keeps his room tidy.
  • Maybe her special interest makes it easy to shop for presents.
  • Or he has a good memory.
  • Or he can entertain himself for hours.
  • Or she doesn’t bother hiding crushes from you, so you always know what’s going on.
  • Or she breezes through the academics at school.
  • Or he comes up with solutions to problems that you’d never think of.
  • Or once he makes something a habit, you don’t have to remind him to do it.
  • Maybe he always orders the same thing at restaurants you frequent, so there’s no agonizing over the menu.
  • Maybe she speaks up for others when something isn’t fair.
  • Or she’s good with younger kids.
  • Or he can communicate well with adults.
  • And when he has something to say, he doesn’t beat around the bush.
  • Maybe she’s great at figuring out how things work.
  • Or he’s an expert packer.
  • Or she can organize better than anyone.
  • Or when you’ve missed a line of dialogue on TV, he can repeat it for you verbatim.
  • And you can trust what she says.

Everyone has their own blend of autistic traits and unique personality. 

What’s something wonderful about your autistic kid?

A positive future

We want to highlight and reinforce these positive traits while we work on the challenges. It’s vital that your kid builds a positive self image as a worthwhile person, with worthwhile skills.

Not at some vague point in the future when he meets someone else’s standard of good enough, but now.

Because feeling valued and valuable now is the foundation of hope for the future.

And a positive future is where we’re aiming.

Positive role models

These positive traits have gifted our civilization with some of the best thinkers of all time.

It’s strongly suspected (there was no test at the time) that Albert Einstein was autistic. As well as Ludwig von Beethoven, Emily Dickinson, José de San Martín, Andy Warhol, Nikola Tesla, and many others.

Modern examples include actor Anthony Hopkins, actor and writer Dan Aykroyd, Miss Montana’s Alexis Wineman, Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri, author and non-speaking advocate Ido Kedar, and many more.

Here are 68 autism self-advocates here.

Inspiring autistic women include Temple Grandin, environmental activist Greta Thurnberg, actress Daryl Hannah, singer Susan Boyle, model Heather Kuzmich, paralympic gold medal swimmer Jessica-Jane Applegate, and many more.

Here are several more amazing autistic women.

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Heather Cook

Heather Cook

Heather Cook is an autistic writer and autism coach. She finds joy in helping neurowonderful adults, teens, and parents find and remove the hidden barriers that are holding them back, so their natural strengths can shine.

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