Category: Personal Growth

Legs resting near the camera in front of an expansive landscape.

What I Know About Rest

I’m not great at resting, but I’ve learned a lot and have gotten a lot better at it over the last few years. Here’s my observations of what resting is.

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Rectangular badge logo with bright orange and yellow background. White lettering state: "PCC Professional Certified Coach."

Big news!

I’m now officially a Professional Certified Coach!!! Here are a few reflections on this milestone.

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Close up of a hand putting two bandaids over a cut elbow.

I’m Not Broken, But I Have Been Hurt

I used to despair that I was always a little (or a lot) different no matter how hard I tried to fit in. Figuring out I’m autistic explained why, but created a complicated relationship with that feeling of being broken.

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