Category: Personal Growth

Close up of a hand putting two bandaids over a cut elbow.

I’m Not Broken, But I Have Been Hurt

I used to despair that I was always a little (or a lot) different no matter how hard I tried to fit in. Figuring out I’m autistic explained why, but created a complicated relationship with that feeling of being broken.

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Red and yellow fireworks set against a black sky over a crowd of people in silhouette.

My Independence Day

The Fourth of July celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, not of actually gaining independence. That took several more years and they had to fight for it. Hard.

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A red water lily, laying on water.

Can We Talk About the T Word?

There’s a topic I’ve been avoiding. It’s not easy or comfortable to talk about, but I’m increasingly convinced that it is necessary. Will you join me in this difficult, and deeply rewarding, conversation?

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