Your Path to a Life You Love:​ Design Your Own Best Destiny​

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Want to really get at the heart of what's holding you back? To find the freedom to make your life be what you want it to be? That takes a deep dive.

Digging deep

If you want to make lasting changes to the direction your life is going, that’s going to take deeper reflection into the patterns and thought processes that you’ve developed over the years.

Things like:

  • identifying painful thoughts that have been holding you back
  • finding limiting beliefs that you may not even recognize are affecting the choices you make
  • figuring out what direction you want your life to go if you feel lost or stuck
  • identifying underlying expectations of how you should do things that may be preventing you from seeing other options
  • coming out of autistic burnout and planning how to do life differently — sustainably — this time 
  • and more

And since I’m autistic too, and have done this myself, I’m not put off by the challenges unique to an autistic perspective and ways of processing, in fact, I understand them intimately, and can support you every step of the way.

Climbing up

This is the power of life coaching. I call it life design. Because you get to design a life you love to live. 

We don’t dig deep in order to wallow in the murk. We do it in order to untangle enough to be able to climb out again. And this time with more clarity and freedom to change your life in ways that you want and need and that feel good to you.

Coaching isn’t therapy. We don’t go back to explore your traumas or work through childhood issues, though we may gently and briefly touch on some of those from time to time.

The goal is rather to see just enough of where ingrained patterns, thoughts, and beliefs came from that you can come away with greater self understanding and release some of the pain and fear in order to have the freedom to do things differently this time.

Bottom line…there is hope.

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Heather Cook

Hi, I’m Heather. I’m an Autistic writer, advocate, and life coach, and I'm building a life I love. I help other Autistics to build their own autism-positive life. I love reading, jigsaw puzzles, just about every -ology, and Star Trek!

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