An Alternative to Labels

Labels and diagnoses have their use, but they also have some significant downsides. What if there were an alternative?

There is another option

I don’t want to get too bogged down by labels. They can be helpful for some things, and can also create limiting assumptions or expectations that can get in the way of letting your child’s potential blossom.

Instead, let’s look at your child’s current strengths and areas that need support.

As in, Johnny’s kind and helpful with his peers when working on math or other subjects he’s comfortable with, and needs support making friends and interpreting the friends’ implicit requests.

Or, Shantay is a fluent reader and needs support with handwriting.

Or, Isabelle can make out patterns quickly and can count to 100, and needs support with interoception and regulating her stress reactions.

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Heather Cook

Heather Cook

Heather Cook is an autistic writer and autism coach. She finds joy in helping neurowonderful adults, teens, and parents find and remove the hidden barriers that are holding them back, so their natural strengths can shine.

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